Yet Another Icon Gone but Never Forgotten!


I have never done two posts in one day however today warranted my doing so. Maya Angelou will always be remembered for her poetry, magnificent writing abilities and so much more! Everyone has their way of making an impact in the world…writing was hers. She not only wrote but acted, directed movies, produced plays and public television programs. What I cherish her for the most is her role in the Civil Rights Movement. This is an ancestor that should never be forgotten! May your beautiful soul rest in peace.

Below is a piece written by Ms. Angelou as a tribute to Haiti!

Homo sum. Humani nil a me alienum puto!

 I am a human being

Nothing human can be alien to me!

This statement was made

By Terentius Afer.

Terentius was a slave,

Sold to a Roman senator

Freed by that senator.

He became

The most popular playwright in Rome.

Five of his plays

And that statement has

Come down to us from 154 B.C.

That man

Not born white or free

Or with any chance

Of becoming a citizen

In the Rome of his day,

He said, “I am a human being.

Nothing human can be alien to me!”

I have ingested and digested that statement.

It activates me

And motivates me to say,

I’m yours


Yours …”


~Mzz Nette