This One’s For You Mommy!!


Happy Mother’s Day to the woman I aspire to become one day! The woman that prays day in & day out, who encourages me, who always knows the right things to say, who loves me unconditionally! I am the woman I am today because of you! Love you mommy! ❤️


Loc’d For Life!!

One of the main reasons why I started blogging was to be able to share my Sisterlocks journey. I realized that I haven’t really said much about them so this blog post is dedicated to my babies. I call them my babies because I have to care for them as if they were my kids. Nourish them, maintain them, clean them, etc. That way they will grow from babies to mature adults 🙂

Lets start with my Sisterlocks Birth Certificate! 
  • Installation Date(s): June 8-15th
               Typically an install would take two days but y’all know I had to be different. My sisterlock consultant had to do mine in a weeks time. 
  • Number of Locks:  532 (yes I’ve actually counted)
  • Size of Locks: My locks are considered Small/Medium 
  • Locking Pattern: I actually don’t know…probably should find out right?! Lol
  • Length of Hair at Install: 8 inches
  • Location of Install: Dumfries, VA
I will say my decision to lock my hair has been a great decision. I love the low maintenance! No more having to “do” my hair before work. Just get up and go. In about a month I will celebrate 1 year and this truly excites me. I can’t wait to see what the next few years will bring!
Below is a pic from the day after my installation:
Month 3:
Month 6:
Month 9:
A couple weeks ago (10.5 months):

To Commit or Not To Commit…



Ok so I’ve never had to deal with a man not committing to me. Probably because I’ve always made myself clear about wanting to eventually be in a relationship. However, if I’m just casually dating a man I don’t bring up the ‘r’ word. I just enjoy what we’ve made it. It was funny to come across this article written by Madame Noire about signs that point to why your man will never commit. Here they are:


  1. He NEVER gets jealous
  2. He is rigid about his schedule
  3. He doesn’t invite you, when other girlfriends went
  4. He has a lot of activities he keeps to himself
  5. He won’t fight with you
  6. He won’t accept help from your family
  7. He tells you he’s made big decisions; he doesn’t ask you
  8. He wanders off at social events
  9. He’s pushy about sex
  10. He has excuses not to do you favors


Madame Noir provides an explanation for each reason and also mentions why most women ignore these reasons. And I had to chuckle at a few of them. Probably because I’ve had to deal with a few myself 🙂 But in all honesty I guess I would feel some kind of way if the guy I’m dating didn’t get jealous (reason # 1) if I was pushing up on some other man or if I mentioned how cute/handsome/fione (yes I said fione instead of fine lol) another man was. But jealousy isn’t for everyone so that reason didn’t constitute as a sign for me. Matter of fact I didn’t think a lot of these reasons were signs that he wouldn’t commit. Reasons # 5 and # 6 both seem like they can be character traits not necessarily reasons why he won’t commit. However, reasons # 2 and  # 3 (in my opinion) are legit. If his schedule is too rigid to make time/room for you there’s a problem. And if there are ‘couples’ outings, he’s in attendance and you aren’t invited as his plus 1…umm trust me he’s probably not interested in committing. You can decide for yourself if the other reasons hold any weight.


What are your thoughts? Especially to the men…I’m curious to know if some of you actually agree with this list. We all can guess that this article was probably written by a woman. 🙂 Leave your comments and thoughts below!


~Mzz Nette


P.S. Want to read Madame Noire’s full article?

Click here ->



At times watching the news puts a strain on my emotions because it’s hard to face the realities of what our world presents. So as a result I rarely watch the news. However the kidnapping of almost 300 little girls in Nigeria struck a cord. Why? Because while this was going on we (in the US) were focused on the racial comments of a man who really no one knew of or probably even cared about. Ok let me speak for myself… 🙂 But it saddens me to know that as a parent you send your child to school and wake up one day to hear that they have been kidnapped. By a militant group who wants to make and prove a point. Can you imagine how scared those little girls must be?! There are so many questions and so little answers. Why has it taken the Nigerian government almost 20 days to intervene or even respond to this attack? Why has the military not been involved? Why do these parents have to take it upon themselves to go and find their children? I am not a parent…at least not yet; however I can not imagine how a mother or father feels at this very moment. I will make it a goal of mine to pray for the safety and the return of these little girls. If it’s anything I can do it’s that!


~Mzz Nette


Happy Burfday Browny!!!

Today is a great day! And you should be able to tell by the tile of my piece why this is so…yup…it’s my boo bears birthday!! This little guy has been in my life the last 2 yrs and I can’t say that my life has remained the same. My priorities have changed, my money is spent on doctor visits/shots/dog food, I’ve had to play nurse/protector, and have even cried over this little being. He plays a major role in my life and God knows why him and I are in each others lives. At times I chat with him as if he knows what I am saying and can talk back to me lol. It’s the cutest thing when his little head turns sideways as if he’s saying “…umm you know I don’t understand right?!” Either way he’s my pal, my confidant, my best bud forever, my headache and much more!  I just couldn’t let the day go by without wishing my Browny Bear a Happy Birthday!!!! 🙂


10th Annual College Survival 101!

Yesterday, the Young Professionals Network (YPN) celebrated the 10th anniversary of it’s annual College Survival 101 program. A program created to provide resources to 9-12th graders about how to get ready for college and how to succeed once there. We provide workshops with topics in the following areas: setting academic goals, finding money for college, social activities in college, how to mange your time in college, and other various topics. Of all the programs within YPN this is my favorite. The impact we make in the lives of these students is awesome and every year the committee that works to bring the event together does it bigger and better! I am proud of the work they did this year!

This year our theme was “Stomp The Yard: Step Into Your Future“. We had approximately 50 students and 6 parents in attendance. We gave away 10 care packages to 10 deserving Seniors. The care packages were filled with essentials to survive their first year in college…a show caddy, slippers, snacks, personal hygiene items, a planner and much more. We were also able to give away two $500 book scholarships! Now isn’t that just awesome?! This program is every year, so if you know of any high school students in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia area that can benefit please feel free to share our website: 

I took a couple of photos from event so enjoy! 🙂

Scholarship Winners


Brothers of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity showcasing how they ‘Stomp The Yard’ 


One of our guest sparkers who spoke on College Life and Activities


Me rocking our College Survival Shirt


The College Survival 101 Committee



~Mzz Nette

Love Is Such A Beautiful Thing!

In less than a month, two of my good friends will stand before God, their family and friends and officially become husband and wife! I think I’m most excited because I’ve seen them grow from friends, to best friends, a couple and now husband and wife. Nowadays it’s hard to see two people get married and stay married. These two were meant for each other. They don’t brag about how much they love each other it just shows! In the way they carry themselves and in their actions towards each other. Of course no relationship is perfect but when two people are willing to put their differences aside and still love each other despite those differences it’s simply beautiful and amazing. I cannot wait to celebrate with them on their special day! Congratulations again and may God continue to bless your lives as you two grow old together!  🙂



Oh How I ❤ My YPN Family!!

Have you ever felt so strong about something you can’t contain how you feel? Well when I say I love my YPN family I really mean it! The Northern Virginia Urban League Young Professionals Network has changed my life forever! Serving as the Director of Community Service for the last two years has taught me the true meaning of leadership, service, friendship and much more! My term comes to an end on June 30th of this year and I can honestly say I won’t know what to do with myself when that day comes!

This past weekend we had our annual Black Opal Fundraising Gala! We danced all night & it was well worth my poor little toes being sore for a day! Below is a great photo taken by CMediaUSA of the 2013-2014 Executive Board! We work hard and we play even harder! Want to know more about this awesome organization? Check out our website:!


Being Cost Efficient!

This past weekend (Saturday, April 26th) I attended a fundraising Gala for the Northern Virginia Urban League Young Professionals Network. $80 for my ticket, $40 for my nails, $55 for my dress, and the list of expenses goes on. Since this was a huge event for me I wanted to get a cute hairstyle that would complete my look. So I decided to price a style I found while searching sisterlock updos. I sent a stylist the picture below. She said it would cost me $65. Now $65 doesn’t sound like much but for me it was a lot. Probably because I spent so much money already. So I told myself that I would re-create this style. I was determined to style my hair and replicate this style on my own. And I am proud to say that I did! I am quite happy with how it turned out! See for yourself! And let me know what you think!

Original Style:



My Creation:



Good Morning or Afternoon (depends on when you read this post)!

Welcome to my blog spot! I’ve been wanting to blog for a long time and decided to just go for it. On this spot I will blog about my interests (especially my beautiful locs), my life and any other things I find interesting that is worth writing about. Please feel free to comment and share your thoughts at anytime. Oh and don’t forget to come back! 🙂

Thank you for reading and visiting my page!