Happy Monday!!

This meme pretty much sums up my thoughts this morning!! 😊😊😊 Happy Monday Folks! Here’s to a blessed & productive week!


In Solidarity We Stand

Phew it’s been such a long time since I’ve posted and I apologize for that. Today I felt like blessing my page with an entry so here goes. ☺

First and foremost, Happy New Year to each and every one of you. I hope your year has started off on the right foot! ☺

Recently I read a conversation on Facebook that made me think about the importance of the conversation. As many of you may or may not know I am Haitian American. And I am a proud Haitian American. Many things have changed in the last couple of months in regards to Haitian immigrants so you can imagine how many felt when they heard about the President’s comments (if you haven’t heard about it just google it). Some may not understand how hurtful it is to hear the President of the country at which you reside degrade and disrespect your people. Especially since you know the history of these people and how much they fought for our freedom and independence! But the conversation started because a young lady asked why some rallied together to protest recent decisions in addition to what the President said. Her argument was that protesting does nothing and it’s a waste of time. Another young lady responded that protesting is a way to show our reaction to the President’s decision to end Temporary Protected Status for Haitian immigrants and to address his derogatory comments. Needless to say the conversation went back and forth with each of their views.

Let’s be honest, protesting isn’t for everyone. And not everyone will see the value in doing it. However, I see the importance in the act of protest. We protest to show that we won’t stand for certain injustices. We protest to bring awareness. We protest to show how strong we are as a people and to show that many have like-minded views/opinions. The only caveat I’d like to add is that your views shouldn’t only end with protest, it also requires action. What do you do after you stand up for that cause? You fight. Whether its  writing letters, supporting an organization financially, or educating others on the importance of the cause. What ever it is do it in addition to your protest. In my opinion, words without action is pointless!


Have you ever protested for a cause? I have and will continue to do so. I want to know that I stood for a cause and that my opinions are known and may potentially be heard. If you believe in something, stand for it! Don’t let the opinions of others deter you from making a stance for what you believe!

Locs, Love, Life!

~Mzz Nette

Let Go and Let God!

Happy New Year my good people. I’m ashamed that it has taken me this long to say this to you all but hey better late than never. 😊

The saying “If you want to make God laugh tell him your plans!” is spot on. We make plans for ourselves and then get disappointed when things don’t go our way. You ever wonder why? My guess is that they weren’t your plans to make in the first place. I can say I’m guilty of this. Planning this, planning that but rarely ever asking the man upstairs to plan it for me. So one of my new things this year is to truly “Let Go and Let God!” Maybe then I won’t set myself up for huge disappointments. Cause at the end of the day his plans will always be greater and better than my own. 😊

Locs, Love, Life!

~Mzz Nette

Its That Time Year!


Hey guys!!! I know…you guys are probably like “Dang where the heck she been?!” Lol. Well I’m here and very much alive. What’s new with you all? Did you have a great holiday season? I sure did and am very much relaxed after a 10 day vacation in FL.

So we are only a day away from the New Year! Are you guys just as excited as I am? It’s something about something new that makes you want to smile and look forward to the possibilities of that new thing. A New Year for me allows me to reflect on the goods and the bads of the previous year. Allows me to reminisce and smile. Allows me to evaluate and adjust. What about you…what does a New Year signify for you?

I don’t make goals for my New Years anymore because honestly I never really achieve them. However I do consciously  strive to be a better person overall. Whether its saving a little more, being slow to anger, or showing more compassion. Just little things I typically don’t do. Lord knows I’m not perfect but I’m definitely a work in progress! 🙂

Any who I just really wanted to check in with you all. To let you all know I’m still here! Whatever you decide to do, enjoy your New Years! We will chat again in the near future!

Locs, Love, Life

~Mzz Nette

Happy Loc Appriciation Day!!!


Aww I almost forgot to post something for today!!! This is my 1st (well technically second cause I didn’t know about it last year) Loc Appreciation Day! So this goes out to all my loc heads out there! Happy Loc Appreciation Day! Love & adore your God given naps!  🙂

Locs, Love Life!

-Mzz Nette

My Summer Bucket List!!!

So if you didn’t already know I am a big YouTube fan. Matter of fact go subscribe to my channel (mzznette100). You just might enjoy my videos.

Ok back to what I was saying…I have pretty much substituted watching TV for watching YouTube videos (I know I’m lame). What do I watch you ask? Pretty much anything lol. Well let me be more specific. I focus more so on hair tutorials and vlogs from some of my favorite youtubbers. Yesterday I was watching a recently uploaded video from one of my favorite people and she listed her “Summer Bucket List”. I loved her list and the idea of creating one so I decided to do one for myself. And writing it on this blog will help me stay accountable for actually doing all these items. Here goes…

1. Learn to ride a bike!

Some of you all may have burst out loud in laughter after reading this so gone head and get your laughs in now…*waiting*….you finished? *still waiting* Ok 🙂 Yes it’s true I’m a grown woman and sadly I cannot ride a bike…smh! I’ve always wanted to learn but never made it a goal nor asked someone to teach me. So this summer I’m going to get this done. I don’t know how or who will teach me but where there’s a will there’s a way!

2. Improve my swimming!

Ok so last summer I officially learned how to swim *it’s ok to laugh, chuckle, smirk here as well*. I had basic swimming skills however I wasn’t confident in the skills I had at the time. So we (my Sister and best friend) paid for adult swimming lessons and I must say it was well worth it. However, there are more things I’d like to learn and would like to perfect so I decided this summer I’m going to pay to take intermediate swimming lessons. Believe you me I will be a pro by the end of summer! 🙂

3. Visit wineries!

I live in an area saturated with wineries and for as many years as I’ve lived here (about 6.5 yrs) I’ve only been to 1. And surprisingly I really enjoyed it. I’ve never really been into wine but the more I try different flavors and brands the more I come to appreciate it. Hopefully this summer will help me open up my palette a little more. 

4. Go hiking!

I wouldn’t say I’m fond of the outdoors but I can appreciate amazing scenery and a great workout. What better way to pair both of these up by taking a hike up some gorgeous mountain?! I’ve actually never gone hiking but it has always been a form of exercise I wouldn’t mind doing. My goal for the summer is to go on at least 2 hiking trips (baby steps).

5. Take advantage of free events!!!

Just like the saturation of wineries this area (the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia area) offers so many free events. Especially in the District. My problem is I live outside of DC and really dislike commuting into the city. The District and I have a love/hate relationship. Hopefully I won’t let my hate deter me from enjoying all sorts of free events this summer. Y’all pray for me!

I decided to only do 5. Why? Because I know me and doing any more will set me up to fail. This list I feel is doable so I’m going to do everything in my power to make it happen. I challenge every one of you to create a ‘doable’ bucket list for this summer. What have you always wanted to do but never got around to it? If you feel like sharing post your list in the comments section below! 🙂

Loc, Love, Life!

~Mzz Nette

Fun Filled Weekend!

This weekend was really fun filled for me. Friday night I attended a free Comedy Show in downtown DC. Ain’t nothing like free y’all lol. Some of the stand-up comedy was iffy but some were quite hilarious. A good laugh doesn’t hurt every now and then. Saturday night I helped my good friend celebrate her last weekend as a single woman!! We attended dinner at the illustrious National Harbor in Oxon Hill, MD and partied hard on the U Street corridor. Those of you in the DC/MD/VA area know how live U Street can be! Check out the pics below.


I also celebrated Haitian Flag Day yesterday. Had a blast with my friends and other Haitians like myself. I hope you all enjoyed your weekend as well!


~Mzz Nette



Good Morning or Afternoon (depends on when you read this post)!

Welcome to my blog spot! I’ve been wanting to blog for a long time and decided to just go for it. On this spot I will blog about my interests (especially my beautiful locs), my life and any other things I find interesting that is worth writing about. Please feel free to comment and share your thoughts at anytime. Oh and don’t forget to come back! 🙂

Thank you for reading and visiting my page!