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Happy Loc Appriciation Day!!!


Aww I almost forgot to post something for today!!! This is my 1st (well technically second cause I didn’t know about it last year) Loc Appreciation Day! So this goes out to all my loc heads out there! Happy Loc Appreciation Day! Love & adore your God given naps!  🙂

Locs, Love Life!

-Mzz Nette

My Summer Bucket List!!!

So if you didn’t already know I am a big YouTube fan. Matter of fact go subscribe to my channel (mzznette100). You just might enjoy my videos.

Ok back to what I was saying…I have pretty much substituted watching TV for watching YouTube videos (I know I’m lame). What do I watch you ask? Pretty much anything lol. Well let me be more specific. I focus more so on hair tutorials and vlogs from some of my favorite youtubbers. Yesterday I was watching a recently uploaded video from one of my favorite people and she listed her “Summer Bucket List”. I loved her list and the idea of creating one so I decided to do one for myself. And writing it on this blog will help me stay accountable for actually doing all these items. Here goes…

1. Learn to ride a bike!

Some of you all may have burst out loud in laughter after reading this so gone head and get your laughs in now…*waiting*….you finished? *still waiting* Ok 🙂 Yes it’s true I’m a grown woman and sadly I cannot ride a bike…smh! I’ve always wanted to learn but never made it a goal nor asked someone to teach me. So this summer I’m going to get this done. I don’t know how or who will teach me but where there’s a will there’s a way!

2. Improve my swimming!

Ok so last summer I officially learned how to swim *it’s ok to laugh, chuckle, smirk here as well*. I had basic swimming skills however I wasn’t confident in the skills I had at the time. So we (my Sister and best friend) paid for adult swimming lessons and I must say it was well worth it. However, there are more things I’d like to learn and would like to perfect so I decided this summer I’m going to pay to take intermediate swimming lessons. Believe you me I will be a pro by the end of summer! 🙂

3. Visit wineries!

I live in an area saturated with wineries and for as many years as I’ve lived here (about 6.5 yrs) I’ve only been to 1. And surprisingly I really enjoyed it. I’ve never really been into wine but the more I try different flavors and brands the more I come to appreciate it. Hopefully this summer will help me open up my palette a little more. 

4. Go hiking!

I wouldn’t say I’m fond of the outdoors but I can appreciate amazing scenery and a great workout. What better way to pair both of these up by taking a hike up some gorgeous mountain?! I’ve actually never gone hiking but it has always been a form of exercise I wouldn’t mind doing. My goal for the summer is to go on at least 2 hiking trips (baby steps).

5. Take advantage of free events!!!

Just like the saturation of wineries this area (the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia area) offers so many free events. Especially in the District. My problem is I live outside of DC and really dislike commuting into the city. The District and I have a love/hate relationship. Hopefully I won’t let my hate deter me from enjoying all sorts of free events this summer. Y’all pray for me!

I decided to only do 5. Why? Because I know me and doing any more will set me up to fail. This list I feel is doable so I’m going to do everything in my power to make it happen. I challenge every one of you to create a ‘doable’ bucket list for this summer. What have you always wanted to do but never got around to it? If you feel like sharing post your list in the comments section below! 🙂

Loc, Love, Life!

~Mzz Nette

May I Have Your Attention Please…

It amazes me the lengths people go to to get noticed. I mean really is it that serious? Or is it even that important? Especially if you are attracting the wrong kind of attention. Don’t get me wrong getting noticed or being paid attention to is not a bad thing, it’s how you get or what you did to get that attention. For example, recently I went to a concert and noticed a heavier bodied young lady with shorts on that could probably give her a yeast infection. And I’m a firm believer of getting your sexy on however it’s just some things you just shouldn’t do or wear! Trust me I’m far from a hater. I can appreciate a women who exudes sex appeal. But if I were that young ladies friend I would have definitely kept it real with her. Again Rihanna wore a revealing ensemble recently to an awards ceremony. I guess this is expected of her because that wouldn’t have been the first time she decided to show/share her assets. But still is that what you want young women to see? Is this truly how you want to attract attention you so early seek? Going to such lengths for 5 minutes of fame never made sense to me. And it never will! I assume if celebrities will go to such lengths mediocre folks like myslef will do just as much. But let me say this….never lose your integrity for the spotlight. Even if it’s for a few seconds. Know your worth! Know your value! Know what abilities you have that will get you the right kind/type of attention! Because surely selling your soul won’t achieve what you are looking for in the grand scheme of things!

Happy Monday Folks! 🙂

~Mzz Nette

Yet Another Icon Gone but Never Forgotten!


I have never done two posts in one day however today warranted my doing so. Maya Angelou will always be remembered for her poetry, magnificent writing abilities and so much more! Everyone has their way of making an impact in the world…writing was hers. She not only wrote but acted, directed movies, produced plays and public television programs. What I cherish her for the most is her role in the Civil Rights Movement. This is an ancestor that should never be forgotten! May your beautiful soul rest in peace.

Below is a piece written by Ms. Angelou as a tribute to Haiti!

Homo sum. Humani nil a me alienum puto!

 I am a human being

Nothing human can be alien to me!

This statement was made

By Terentius Afer.

Terentius was a slave,

Sold to a Roman senator

Freed by that senator.

He became

The most popular playwright in Rome.

Five of his plays

And that statement has

Come down to us from 154 B.C.

That man

Not born white or free

Or with any chance

Of becoming a citizen

In the Rome of his day,

He said, “I am a human being.

Nothing human can be alien to me!”

I have ingested and digested that statement.

It activates me

And motivates me to say,

I’m yours


Yours …”


~Mzz Nette

Wedding Bliss!

Morning Peeps!

I would like to introduce Mr. and Mrs. Shaun Brunson!!!!! The couple officially tied the knot this past Sunday. What a lovely ceremony! Love is such a beautiful thing! I pray the Lord continues to bless this new couple as they begin their new life together! 🙂


Nooowww your girl was a part of the bridal party and her make up was hooked up! Let me show you! I was looking B-A-D!!! Oh and I did my own hair…which I am so very proud of! 🙂


Here are more pics from the wedding! Hope you all enjoy! 🙂

Image Image Image Image Image Image

~Mzz Nette




Fun Filled Weekend!

This weekend was really fun filled for me. Friday night I attended a free Comedy Show in downtown DC. Ain’t nothing like free y’all lol. Some of the stand-up comedy was iffy but some were quite hilarious. A good laugh doesn’t hurt every now and then. Saturday night I helped my good friend celebrate her last weekend as a single woman!! We attended dinner at the illustrious National Harbor in Oxon Hill, MD and partied hard on the U Street corridor. Those of you in the DC/MD/VA area know how live U Street can be! Check out the pics below.


I also celebrated Haitian Flag Day yesterday. Had a blast with my friends and other Haitians like myself. I hope you all enjoyed your weekend as well!


~Mzz Nette


Locking Phases and Natural Oils!

Morning Folks!

Haven’t posted alllll week…did you’ll miss me?! 🙂 Today I wanted to write some more about my Sisterlocks. Prior to making the decision of getting Sisterlocks I wanted to know as much as I possibly could about the process of locking and what oils are great for natural hair. I honestly want my journey as natural as possible. Upon my research I came across the 2 pictures below. They basically speak for themselves. The first explains the stages of the locking journey. I found it to be quite helpful because I can actually know what ‘stage’ my hair is in at different points in my journey (I’m in phase 2 btw).


The second photo explains the best oils for natural hair. We woman can be product junkies…OH I DEFINITELY DON’T MISS THOSE DAYS!!! So it’s great to know of products that will help bring moisture and shine to my locs. Right now I am not able to use any oils in my scalp but I am happy to have done research about what natural oils will potentially work best.



I hope all of this info helps some of you! If you have any other natural products that you use that you find quite helpful please feel free to share!

~Mzz Nette