In Solidarity We Stand

Phew it’s been such a long time since I’ve posted and I apologize for that. Today I felt like blessing my page with an entry so here goes. ☺

First and foremost, Happy New Year to each and every one of you. I hope your year has started off on the right foot! ☺

Recently I read a conversation on Facebook that made me think about the importance of the conversation. As many of you may or may not know I am Haitian American. And I am a proud Haitian American. Many things have changed in the last couple of months in regards to Haitian immigrants so you can imagine how many felt when they heard about the President’s comments (if you haven’t heard about it just google it). Some may not understand how hurtful it is to hear the President of the country at which you reside degrade and disrespect your people. Especially since you know the history of these people and how much they fought for our freedom and independence! But the conversation started because a young lady asked why some rallied together to protest recent decisions in addition to what the President said. Her argument was that protesting does nothing and it’s a waste of time. Another young lady responded that protesting is a way to show our reaction to the President’s decision to end Temporary Protected Status for Haitian immigrants and to address his derogatory comments. Needless to say the conversation went back and forth with each of their views.

Let’s be honest, protesting isn’t for everyone. And not everyone will see the value in doing it. However, I see the importance in the act of protest. We protest to show that we won’t stand for certain injustices. We protest to bring awareness. We protest to show how strong we are as a people and to show that many have like-minded views/opinions. The only caveat I’d like to add is that your views shouldn’t only end with protest, it also requires action. What do you do after you stand up for that cause? You fight. Whether its  writing letters, supporting an organization financially, or educating others on the importance of the cause. What ever it is do it in addition to your protest. In my opinion, words without action is pointless!


Have you ever protested for a cause? I have and will continue to do so. I want to know that I stood for a cause and that my opinions are known and may potentially be heard. If you believe in something, stand for it! Don’t let the opinions of others deter you from making a stance for what you believe!

Locs, Love, Life!

~Mzz Nette