The Art of Being Grateful!!

Happy Monday my good people. It has been a while since I’ve actually written a post and I promise I will do better! But today I just wanted to write. And this post maybe all over the place but it’s my party and I’ll write how I want to!! 🙂

Can we talk about the word gratefulness?!?! I have learned in my life that complaining does nothing but make you seem, feel, sound (insert whatever word you see fit) ungrateful. And it comes to a point where even others start to view you as that always ungrateful person. And frankly that can be tiring. How about you try to look at the brighter side of a bad situation. Or even consider the fact that “it could be worse!” And the “woe is me” attitude isn’t cute and is just played out!

Let’s face it, life will not always be peaches and cream. You won’t always wake up happy but I bet if you put forth the effort of remaining grateful those bad days can soon become better! I encourage you to try and see things/situations in a better light. Develop a more positive attitude daily. Make it your goal to see the better/brighter side of a tough/sad/trying situation. That way you don’t exude that ungrateful spirit! May your week be filled with positivity, productivity and prosperity! 🙂

Locs, Love, Life!


P.S. See I managed to stay on one topic…hooray!!!


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