Its That Time Year!


Hey guys!!! I know…you guys are probably like “Dang where the heck she been?!” Lol. Well I’m here and very much alive. What’s new with you all? Did you have a great holiday season? I sure did and am very much relaxed after a 10 day vacation in FL.

So we are only a day away from the New Year! Are you guys just as excited as I am? It’s something about something new that makes you want to smile and look forward to the possibilities of that new thing. A New Year for me allows me to reflect on the goods and the bads of the previous year. Allows me to reminisce and smile. Allows me to evaluate and adjust. What about you…what does a New Year signify for you?

I don’t make goals for my New Years anymore because honestly I never really achieve them. However I do consciously┬á strive to be a better person overall. Whether its saving a little more, being slow to anger, or showing more compassion. Just little things I typically don’t do. Lord knows I’m not perfect but I’m definitely a work in progress! ­čÖé

Any who I just really wanted to check in with you all. To let you all know I’m still here! Whatever you decide to do, enjoy your New Years! We will chat again in the near future!

Locs, Love, Life

~Mzz Nette