At times watching the news puts a strain on my emotions because it’s hard to face the realities of what our world presents. So as a result I rarely watch the news. However the kidnapping of almost 300 little girls in Nigeria struck a cord. Why? Because while this was going on we (in the US) were focused on the racial comments of a man who really no one knew of or probably even cared about. Ok let me speak for myself… 🙂 But it saddens me to know that as a parent you send your child to school and wake up one day to hear that they have been kidnapped. By a militant group who wants to make and prove a point. Can you imagine how scared those little girls must be?! There are so many questions and so little answers. Why has it taken the Nigerian government almost 20 days to intervene or even respond to this attack? Why has the military not been involved? Why do these parents have to take it upon themselves to go and find their children? I am not a parent…at least not yet; however I can not imagine how a mother or father feels at this very moment. I will make it a goal of mine to pray for the safety and the return of these little girls. If it’s anything I can do it’s that!


~Mzz Nette




  1. Well said. It is sad that the lives of so many young girls are so undervalued because of their geographical location. Had it been in some more developed country, the information would have been widespread and advocates would have already taken action. It’s even sadder that this happens way more than we could ever guess living our privileged lives.

  2. Nette, this situation is very scary. As a parent of a daughter, I don’t trust my daughter with many but before the last couple of years (and incidents) I wasn’t nervous about her going to school and being there for 8 hours or more but as of lately, yes, I am very scared. This situation is sad and is even worse for children and people impacting by this act.

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