Happy Burfday Browny!!!

Today is a great day! And you should be able to tell by the tile of my piece why this is so…yup…it’s my boo bears birthday!! This little guy has been in my life the last 2 yrs and I can’t say that my life has remained the same. My priorities have changed, my money is spent on doctor visits/shots/dog food, I’ve had to play nurse/protector, and have even cried over this little being. He plays a major role in my life and God knows why him and I are in each others lives. At times I chat with him as if he knows what I am saying and can talk back to me lol. It’s the cutest thing when his little head turns sideways as if he’s saying “…umm you know I don’t understand right?!” Either way he’s my pal, my confidant, my best bud forever, my headache and much more!  I just couldn’t let the day go by without wishing my Browny Bear a Happy Birthday!!!! 🙂



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